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City of North Branch.

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After 70 years of doing business in North Branch, and giving the profits back to North Branch residents and business owners through transfers of those profits to the General Fund to help lower the amount necessary for the annual Tax Levy, North Branch Municipal Liquors has opened a second location!
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Thank You for Your Patronage!

Thank you for shopping at your Local Municipal Liquor Store! You are helping reduce North Branch taxpayers' property tax bills.

The North Branch Liquor Store, on average, transfers approximately $138,333 annually to the City's General Fund

To replace this revenue, North Branch would need: 1) at least 160 additional homes with an average value of $150,000, or  2) at least 22 new similar type and size businesses as the municipal liquor store** or  3) the property tax levy would need to be increased by approximately 3.3%

Assumptions:  occupied & paying taxes; having approximately the same property valuation, with each business paying at least $6,500 to the city's portion of property taxes.

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