NE Corner of Hwy 95 & I-35

5846 Old Main Street, Box 910
North Branch MN 55056

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North Branch Liquors' is YOUR Local Partner for Success - thank you for your patronage and shop locally!

North Branch Liquor Store Reports: (click on)  State of MN Liquor Store Report.


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  • Thank You for shopping at your Local Municipal Liquor Store!  You are helping reduce North Branch taxpayers' property tax bills - click here
  • The North Branch Liquor Store, on average for past three years, transfers approximately $138,333 annually to the city's General Fund.
  • To replace this revenue, North Branch would need:
    at least 160 additional homes with an average value of $150,000*, or
    at least 22 new similar type and size businesses as the municipal liquor store**, or
    the property tax levy would need to be increased by approximately 3.3%

    * occupied & paying taxes
    ** having approximately the same property valutation, with each business paying at least $6,500 to the city's portion of property taxes.


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North Branch is an
Equal Opportunity Employer



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NOV 20-30, 2017


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